The words of our customers capture our mission better than we ever could. If you’re unsure whether non-alcoholic craft beer has a place in your lifestyle, or if you think it won’t taste just as good. check out what our own customers have said.

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Our beer

“I’m ecstatic to say this is the real deal. Even happier to know that when all I want is a nice cold beer, and I’m in the middle of a training block, I can grab one of these and not worry about feeling it the next day. Congrats @athleticbrewing for making delicious beer!”

“I ordered a case of your IPA and it is so far superior to any other NA IPA I have tried. It's truly wonderful. Just wanted to thank you for the quick shipping, the great packaging and the amazing beer. It's nice, after 7 years sober, to taste real beer again. And I just discovered where I can get it locally!”

“My only dilemma is what do I do with the remaining bottles of NA beer in my fridge that is NOT Run Wild??? Certainly don’t want to drink it anymore…”

“I just wanted to say seriously, how ecstatic I am with your beers. I've always told others, "If someone could make a beer that actually has the taste and body of a regular beer without the alcohol, my world would be complete." So, as mushy as this sounds, Thank you for completing my world.”

“As a very enthusiastic beer lover, now I don’t have to #compromise for a great brew. Seriously so happy to have found @athleticbrewing. All the epic taste and quality of a craft beer, NONE OF THE REGRET. #RunWild IPA and #UpsideDawn Golden Ale are exactly what I need without killing my progress. “

Our BRewery

“This place is awesome! Anyone looking for great non-alcoholic beer this place is a must! It is the best non-alcoholic beer I have ever had, hands down! The ipa was phenomenal!! Great atmosphere and very friendly staff. Do your self a favor and give it a try, you won't be disappointed. I promise!”

“What’s happening at Athletic Brewing is just simply legendary. And I don’t care what you say about non-alcoholic beer but @athleticbrewing Upside Dawn would beat out the top selling beers in America in a blind tasting. That’s how good it is…I recently had some friends at a summer party I threw try this brew and they were completely shocked by it. They couldn’t believe a non-alcoholic beer could be so tasty. I agree! And I can’t wait to buy more!”

“All 4 styles were very tasty and I can’t wait to see what other seasonal styles are in the pipeline…We enjoyed our experience a ton a will definitely be back. Also, this trip will always be a cherished memory for us and it’s the first brewery we took our 10 day old son to!”

“So glad to have an NA brewery just over an hour from home! Athletic did not disappoint! Had the IPA, Golden Ale and Stout. All tasty and delivered craft beer flavors. Brought home a case of the IPA. Nice tasting room and a ton of swag.”

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OUr mission

“Athletic is a great way to participate in the drinking and the fun with friends and family, while still keeping my training for my next marathon a priority. It's a win, win!”

“I love your beers. I tried some at Ironman 70.3 Lake Placid last week and was hooked. I told my wife that I’m switching to non-alcoholic beer. I’m not a huge drinker because of the calories and the negative effect alcohol has on recovery and my Ironman training. Now, Athletic Brewing is the solution!”

“Thank you for putting out such a fantastic line of NA’s for those of us who have chosen to abstain and also those that maybe are the designated driver but still want a pop or 2”