3 Years in the Making: Our 1st Taste

A project years in the making is taking shape in our glass.

We have been busy brewing. And the progress is exciting.  We have been crafting small scale artisanal-sized batches in our brewery. The smaller scale and higher point of quality we embark from, the more delicious Athletic Beers will be when they reach you. We have brewed about 20 batches so far. Our head brewer, John, is spearheading the development of Athletic Beers, and his award-winning recipe experience is knocking the socks off early drinkers.


To back up, the process to arrive at our first test batches lasted 3+ years. Our journey has included travels all over the country, talking with brewers and microbiologists on 3 continents, laboriously pouring through textbooks across multiple fields, holding countless team meetings, and consulting patent attorneys. 

Then the sampling of methods began. True to scientific method form, John held all variables constant and worked on one at a time from the ground up. Each batch led to a new turn and an interesting team conversation. We tweaked variables, ingredients and other inputs in a response to each trial. We involved unconventional machinery from time-to-time. To add to the complexity of the challenge, different recipes will require different methods.

Needless to say, we're excited to be tasting refreshing, hoppy beer! We're concurrently developing our 2 flagship recipes, but are constantly moving out the innovation curve and always open to recommendations. Please follow along on Instagram (@AthleticBrewing) for the latest with our progress fine tuning each recipe.

At the moment, small panels of testers made up of friends, family, team members, and colleagues are providing feedback on our early recipes. We look forward to getting your feedback in the near future, so please keep an eye out for opportunities to taste test.

Up next: Construction is starting this week. Keep an eye out for pics and time lapses on our Instagram. We can't wait to start to scale up our recipes to our big production system from Mark's Design & Metalworks in a couple months - check out the progress pictures.

Stay athletic.

-Team Athletic Brewing.