2% for the Trails Update


Hey Athletic community - just wanted to give you a huge thanks for all your support in 2018. 

As we announced in November, 2% of all company sales from 2018 are going to the Appalachian Trail in the White Mountains of NH. We're making the donation and then spending a day (weekend?) doing trail maintenance and cleanups this spring before peak thru hiking season.


We're always looking for trails and parks to donate to and would love to hear suggestions from the community so please reach out either in comments or via email (info@athleticbrewing.com).

For 1st Quarter 2019, we're donating to local trails and parks in our home state of CT. 
Northwest Park in Windsor, CT (http://northwestpark.org/)
Stratford, CT Parks/Trails (Roosevelt Forest, where we support the ultramarathon series)

Then for 2nd Quarter 2019, we'll be looking nationwide for your suggestions!
Thank you for the support - we're all making a real impact together. 

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