Construction Time Lapse

We've officially broken ground on the first tap room and production brewery in the country devoted to non-alcoholic craft beer. The beers taste incredible, and soon, we will have a home base fit to launch them into the world.

Throughout the project, I'll post updates to bring you along the journey. Up top will always be an overall time lapse of the entire project. 


March 10th Update:

The tanks are all in place! While this may look like a breeze in the time lapses below, it was anything but, and we are very appreciative of the efforts from the team from Mark's Design & Metalworks for steering the ship. 

A year ago, when we were dialing in on a 5-10 barrel brewhouse, we toured Aslan Brewing in Bellingham, WA and first saw their beautiful system from Mark's. Never in a million years would we have thought it possible to have a similar system in our own brewery entirely dedicated to NA craft beers all the way across the country. We are immensely thankful and appreciative of all those who have believed right from the start and encouraged us to stay true to our lofty goals.

Now we are turning our focus to scaling up our recipes to 40 barrel batches and putting the finishing touches on our tap room!



Feb 25th Update:

As February comes to a close, we're at a very exciting juncture. The infrastructure is all set to receive our tanks from Marks Design & Metalworks. The brewhouse shipped Friday 2/23. Keep an eye on instagram for media of tank installations.

Here is what the last 3 weeks have looked like as the construction project went into hyper-drive. For anyone in the planning stages of building a CT brewery, we have been very impressed with the efficiency, attention to detail, and professionalism of our entire team - Signature Construction Group, Silver Petrucelli Architects & Engineers, Jack Videira Paving, DC Plumbing, O&M Electric, DC Plumbing. We look forward to meeting our Marks D&MW team in person this week!


Feb 4th Update:

Videos updated for the halfway mark in construction below. We are still expecting brewhouse delivery March 1st from Mark's Design & Metalworks in Washington. So far, progress on site has been pretty smooth, which is a total credit to the foresight of our teams at Signature Construction and Silver, Petrucelli Architects.

However, everyday brings new challenges - like unexpected, over-sized 2-ton deliveries. There is something to meet head on at all times, otherwise we'll go off the rails. Overall, the motivation to swing our legs out of bed in the morning and meet these unique challenges is the knowledge of what a great-tasting, paradigm-shifting non-alcoholic beer is going to mean to you in a few months.


Updated as of 1/22/2018:

Week 1: 1/15/2018

And a view of demolition from the future tap room:

It's surreal to arrive at the moment of breaking ground. As I described in prior blogs, in entrepreneurship, any mole hill of a challenge can turn into a mountain. Years of preparation, pondering, and fundraising went into this single moment of tearing down the first wall. We can't wait to show you what this space transforms into over the next ten weeks. Prepare for a paradigm shift in craft beer to start right here.

We would also like to offer up our appreciation for those that helped us develop and execute these plans (so far). Big thanks to Silver Petrucelli Architects (Hamden, CT), Signature Construction Group (Stamford, CT), Marks Design and Metalworks (Vancouver, WA), Jack Videira Paving, and DC Plumbing.