October Challenge Results!

Hi Team!

Hope everyone's having a great week and congrats to all those that just completed their first #SoberOctober challenge!

It's time to crown our inaugural monthly challenge winners!

Before I get to that, I want to note that I am absolutely blown away by how active, fit, and strong our Athletic Club team is. I love seeing the stats flow through as people are getting out there crushing it every day. I'm a huge believer in self care - and starting/finishing days with workouts is a great way to clear your slate and crush the day ahead. I was under the impression I was having a nice month of workouts, fitting in about ~71.9 miles on the roads & trails, my second biggest month of the year, until......I took a look at the week 1 leaderboard. I'm totally humbled (and motivated) by how well you guys crush your workouts.

So without further ado, here's our monthly leaderboard:

Our Women's Champ for most miles:

Cara Scott! Cara covered 163 miles in October in under 29 hours, at an elevation gain of 5,900 ft! Looks like Cara covers those miles in beautiful CA. Well done!

Our Men's Leaderboard (listing 4 as they were all so impressive):

4. Rob Rives - 209 miles traveled with 51k ft of elevation gained!

3. Joe Reynolds - 224 miles in about 28 hours with over 11,400 ft of elevation gained!

2. Doug Beaulieu - 256 miles in 42 hours, including completing a 100 mile ultra marathon!

and our October champ....

1. Dan Fogg - A whopping 356 miles in about 59.5 hours with 57k ft of elevation gained (almost exactly 2 Mt. Everests!). Really wild and humbling accomplishments!

If the winners could please email me at bill@athleticbrewing.com, I would love to send you some free gear and beer!


For November, I would love to take suggestions on what our next challenge should be. I'd be open to anything from miles biked (both indoors/outdoors), any sort of time challenge, or it could be an honor system challenge (total burpees!).

Also keep an eye out for more organized local workouts that we're going to get to work on as temps start to dive.

Congrats to everyone getting out there and feeling good - have a great November,