Where Does NA CRAFT Beer Fit in Your Life?

You may see Athletic in the news or our beers on the shelves, reflect on some pre-conceived misconceptions about non-alcoholic beer and think, "that's not for me." To be honest, there is such a stigma against non-alcoholic beer in our country that not many people can imagine NA beer playing a part in their life. 

That is, until they try the new generation. 

Refreshing at the beach, with no worries on the drive home.

Refreshing at the beach, with no worries on the drive home.

Until now in the US, non-alcoholic beer has been a total ‘penalty box’ beverage. The long-neglected afterthought of quality and marketing. Mass-produced using processes that largely involve taking a torch to the alcohol and obliterated any ingredient nuances as collateral damage.  Anyone who orders them at dinner immediately catches judging glances from their table. When you ask a member of the waitstaff for a "non-alcoholic beer", they almost never hear you the first time, so you have to announce it louder and more shamefully. That’s why people wonder how they could ever be social and fun without the alcohol.

That's all changing with the current revolution underway in craft non-alcoholic beer in the US. At Athletic, we are meticulously crafting our beers with our proprietary process to maintain the integrity of our all-natural ingredients. We use only the highest quality ingredients, sourcing all-organic grains (we're certified organic). 

In our tap room, at beer festivals, at athletic events, we see this "light bulb" moment all the time. Nearly everyone tastes their first Athletic beer and immediately "gets it." Especially beer lovers and healthy & active adults. Initially, there is a certain amount of skepticism or an intellectual curiosity that draws them over. Maybe our nice logos. Once people try our carefully crafted NA beers, they can see it. The roles the beers will play in their life are clear. They start rattling off occasions where our beers fit into their healthier, more mindful life:

-At work events to maintain professionalism
-As a pacer beer at bars and breweries
-At outdoor parks and events where drinking isn't allowed
-A beer for moderation
-When need to drive soon (especially meals with family)
-Spending time with your kids
-Pregnancy or breast-feeding
-Sporting events
-At the beach or pool
-Weeknight dinners (especially to ward off the Sunday scaries)
-Last round of the night to hydrate and wind down

And many are finding their preconceived notions about alcohol are wrong. That it's more of a hurdle to fun than an avenue. That hangovers and unhealthy eating shorten weekends significantly.    

Regardless of the occasions that you are opting for Athletic Beers, you can rest easier knowing that you're going to feel good in the morning. We're looking to give you great-tasting alternatives to fit in your modern, healthy life without having to make the sacrifices.