The Athletic Brewing Team

We have significantly upgraded our team!

We are now poised to make a real difference and create a truly special brand. Joining Bill on the Athletic Brewing founding team are John Walker (Head Brewer) and an experienced operations executive. We feel it is an extremely fortuitous occurrence that our paths have crossed with a team that is not only extremely talented at brewing great beer, but is up for the creative challenges and social disruption we are setting out to achieve.


John and his family have joined us from Santa Fe where he was the Head Brewer at a great local favorite brewpub called Second Street Brewery. He absolutely loves the beer, the community, the challenges, and the science. With his award-winning talent for recipe creation, we hope John will open the doors for non-alcoholic beer to be accepted as a new complementary arm of the craft world. He would love to have you show up in person to meet once we are done with construction.

Athletic brews would never have made it to the real world without our team, and we're excited for you to meet them in person.