Weekend Lineup May 18-20th

Beers on Tap (all non-alcoholic):
Run Wild IPA - our flagship IPA. The ultimate session-able IPA. Brewed with a blend of Northwest hops with Citra and Mosaic at the forefront. Body of premium organic malts from US & Germany. Subtle yet complex malt profile. 70 Calories, all organic grains.
Upside Dawn Golden Ale - Refreshing, clean, balanced, light-bodied. Aromas subtle with floral and earthy notes. Brewed with premium organic malts from US & Germany along with combo of English and traditional American hops to the golden ale style. 50 Calories, all organic grains.

Beers to Go:
Growler Fills - Run Wild IPA & Upside Dawn Golden Ale (Both 32oz)
Cans - Our canning line is in the final stages of assembly. We're expecting beers to go out of the tap room Friday 5/25.

First Friday afternoon that our tap room will be open (4-8pm)! Swing by and grab a growler or two for the weekend. Run Wild & Upside Dawn available for fills.

We'll be pouring at Two Road's Gathering at the Bines festival in Stratford for both sessions (12-3pm, 5-8pm). Psyched about getting the look only a week into our launch. 
Tap Room will be open 12-6pm. We'll have outdoor games setup if the weather is nice.

GATB 2018 TShirt.jpg

Tap Room open 12-4pm. Stock up for the week ahead. Growler fills of Run Wild & Upside Dawn.

Summer Event Calendar

After having a blast pouring beers for the athletes at our first events (Enchanted Forest Ultra Marathon. Trail2Trail's Lake Lillinonah 10k/20k, and Epic Hybrid Training Fairfield County), we have had an outpouring of questions on which events we'll be attending this summer. So without further fanfare, here is where we'll be pouring our deliciously refreshing beers at the  finish lines this summer. We're excited for you to see what #athleticbeers are all about!

5/19: Two Roads Gathering at the Bines (Stratford, CT): https://bit.ly/2k7v9Cg
5/27: Event Power Mighty North Fork Triathlon (North Fork, LI): https://bit.ly/2r6ocoO
6/3: Rev3 Lake Quassy Triathlon (Lake Quassy, CT): http://rev3tri.com/quassy/
6/3: Fairfield 1/2 Marathon (Fairfield, CT): http://www.fairfieldhalf.org/
6/9-10: DelMoSports Escape the Cape & Open Water Swim (Cape May): https://bit.ly/2IxD8Di
6/9: RJA Memorial Montauk Tri (Montauk, NY): http://mightymontauk.com/
6/16: Ride for our Vets (Stamford, CT): https://ctveteranslegal.org/the-ride/
6/17: IRONMAN 70.3 Syracuse (Syracuse, NY): https://bit.ly/2L8oEv6
6/24: EP Huntington Triathlon (Northport, LI): https://bit.ly/2Ftnbvc
6/30: Forbidden Forest 30 Hour Ultra (Stratford, CT): https://bit.ly/2L9WFLD
7/8: EP Duck Walk Vineyard 5k & 1 Miler (Duck Walk Vineyard): https://bit.ly/2rVQy5N
7/15: EP Montauk Lighthouse Triathlon (Montauk, NY): https://bit.ly/2kaulg1
7/22: IRONMAN Lake Placid (Lake Placid, NY): https://bit.ly/2IqARxG
7/25: Fairfield Police Charity Run (Fairfield, CT), 5k & 1 mile
8/4: Craft Brew Races (New Haven, CT): https://craftbrewraces.com/new-haven/
8/5: Event Power Smith Point Triathlon (Shirley, NY): https://bit.ly/2L59iHT
8/26: Rev3 IRONMAN 70.3 Maine (Old Orchard Beach, ME): https://bit.ly/2IqsdPL
9/7: Shoe4Africa 5k (New York, NY): https://shoe4africa.org/new-york-5km/
9/9: IRONMAN 70.3 Lake Placid (Lake Placid, NY): https://bit.ly/2rSKoST
9/9: EP Mighty Hamptons Tri (Sag Harbor, NY): https://bit.ly/2Itq15O
9/22: Forgotten Forest Ultra (Stratford, CT): http://www.ffultrarun.com/
9/22: RBC Race for the Kids & CrossFit style competition (NY, NY): https://bit.ly/1MnPdcV
9/23: DelMoSports IRONMAN 70.3 Atlantic City: https://bit.ly/2wRVxJl
9/29: Hamptons Marathon (Southampton, NY): https://hamptonsmarathon.com/
9/30: Event Power MightyMontauk Tri (Montauk, NY): https://bit.ly/2Irn06c
10/6-10/7: DelMoSports Crest Best 10 Miler (Wildwood Crest, NJ): https://bit.ly/2wOM1qD

Come introduce yourself and reach out to info@athleticbrewing.com if you have any questions about signing up.

 Run Wild IPA at the Enchanted Forest Trail Ultra in April 2018.

Run Wild IPA at the Enchanted Forest Trail Ultra in April 2018.

Athletic Tap Room is Open!

Big thanks to everyone who fought the rainy and cold weather to come out for our tap room opening this weekend! We very much appreciate the support of our friends in the local community (and our local Representative Joe Gresko!) and those that traveled from farther destinations like Mass and NJ! Also a big thanks to Marni from MoonRocks Gourmet Cookies for helping make it a special day with her award-winning cookies. 

The Tap Room will now officially be open going forward at the following hours:
Fri 4-8pm / Sat 12-6pm / Sun 12-4pm.

We are going to try to line up food trucks for Saturdays and will announce on social media when we have them coming. Please connect us with any trucks you love and think would be a great fit.

We'll announce our beer lineups weekly on Thursdays on instagram/twitter/website. While we already have growler fills to go, we're waiting on our canning line installation to provide you fresh cans to take out. We'll keep you posted!

Thanks for your support - come check us out.

Construction Time Lapse

We've officially broken ground on the first tap room and production brewery in the country devoted to non-alcoholic craft beer. The beers taste incredible, and soon, we will have a home base fit to launch them into the world.

Throughout the project, I'll post updates to bring you along the journey. Up top will always be an overall time lapse of the entire project. 


March 10th Update:

The tanks are all in place! While this may look like a breeze in the time lapses below, it was anything but, and we are very appreciative of the efforts from the team from Mark's Design & Metalworks for steering the ship. 

A year ago, when we were dialing in on a 5-10 barrel brewhouse, we toured Aslan Brewing in Bellingham, WA and first saw their beautiful system from Mark's. Never in a million years would we have thought it possible to have a similar system in our own brewery entirely dedicated to NA craft beers all the way across the country. We are immensely thankful and appreciative of all those who have believed right from the start and encouraged us to stay true to our lofty goals.

Now we are turning our focus to scaling up our recipes to 40 barrel batches and putting the finishing touches on our tap room!



Feb 25th Update:

As February comes to a close, we're at a very exciting juncture. The infrastructure is all set to receive our tanks from Marks Design & Metalworks. The brewhouse shipped Friday 2/23. Keep an eye on instagram for media of tank installations.

Here is what the last 3 weeks have looked like as the construction project went into hyper-drive. For anyone in the planning stages of building a CT brewery, we have been very impressed with the efficiency, attention to detail, and professionalism of our entire team - Signature Construction Group, Silver Petrucelli Architects & Engineers, Jack Videira Paving, DC Plumbing, O&M Electric, DC Plumbing. We look forward to meeting our Marks D&MW team in person this week!


Feb 4th Update:

Videos updated for the halfway mark in construction below. We are still expecting brewhouse delivery March 1st from Mark's Design & Metalworks in Washington. So far, progress on site has been pretty smooth, which is a total credit to the foresight of our teams at Signature Construction and Silver, Petrucelli Architects.

However, everyday brings new challenges - like unexpected, over-sized 2-ton deliveries. There is something to meet head on at all times, otherwise we'll go off the rails. Overall, the motivation to swing our legs out of bed in the morning and meet these unique challenges is the knowledge of what a great-tasting, paradigm-shifting non-alcoholic beer is going to mean to you in a few months.


Updated as of 1/22/2018:

Week 1: 1/15/2018

And a view of demolition from the future tap room:

It's surreal to arrive at the moment of breaking ground. As I described in prior blogs, in entrepreneurship, any mole hill of a challenge can turn into a mountain. Years of preparation, pondering, and fundraising went into this single moment of tearing down the first wall. We can't wait to show you what this space transforms into over the next ten weeks. Prepare for a paradigm shift in craft beer to start right here.

We would also like to offer up our appreciation for those that helped us develop and execute these plans (so far). Big thanks to Silver Petrucelli Architects (Hamden, CT), Signature Construction Group (Stamford, CT), Marks Design and Metalworks (Vancouver, WA), Jack Videira Paving, and DC Plumbing. 

3 Years in the Making: Our 1st Taste

A project years in the making is taking shape in our glass.

We have been busy brewing. And the progress is exciting.  We have been crafting small scale artisanal-sized batches in our brewery. The smaller scale and higher point of quality we embark from, the more delicious Athletic Beers will be when they reach you. We have brewed about 20 batches so far. Our head brewer, John, is spearheading the development of Athletic Beers, and his award-winning recipe experience is knocking the socks off early drinkers.


To back up, the process to arrive at our first test batches lasted 3+ years. Our journey has included travels all over the country, talking with brewers and microbiologists on 3 continents, laboriously pouring through textbooks across multiple fields, holding countless team meetings, and consulting patent attorneys. 

Then the sampling of methods began. True to scientific method form, John held all variables constant and worked on one at a time from the ground up. Each batch led to a new turn and an interesting team conversation. We tweaked variables, ingredients and other inputs in a response to each trial. We involved unconventional machinery from time-to-time. To add to the complexity of the challenge, different recipes will require different methods.

Needless to say, we're excited to be tasting refreshing, hoppy beer! We're concurrently developing our 2 flagship recipes, but are constantly moving out the innovation curve and always open to recommendations. Please follow along on Instagram (@AthleticBrewing) for the latest with our progress fine tuning each recipe.

At the moment, small panels of testers made up of friends, family, team members, and colleagues are providing feedback on our early recipes. We look forward to getting your feedback in the near future, so please keep an eye out for opportunities to taste test.

Up next: Construction is starting this week. Keep an eye out for pics and time lapses on our Instagram. We can't wait to start to scale up our recipes to our big production system from Mark's Design & Metalworks in a couple months - check out the progress pictures.

Stay athletic.

-Team Athletic Brewing.


Progress...But When Do We Start Brewing?

It feels like we are graduating and going pro. After months of searching for the perfect home base for Athletic Brewing, we are happy to announce that we are joining the craft brewing community of Stratford, CT, which was put on the map by our neighbors making incredible beer nearby at Two Roads.


In conversation, launching a brewery appears to be a fun, fairly simple goal. Seems like an easy life. All about being able to make great beer, right?

In reality, it is a wild juggle of venture-threatening obstacles. It is every bit as stressful as the financial world. We have been operating non-stop on about six different channels – 1) Brewery construction (with engineers, architects, contractors, brokers, designers), 2) Fundraising, 3) Planning (sales, distribution, accounting), 4) Branding & Marketing, 5) Quality Control (systems, sanitation), and most importantly, 6) Beer! (method testing, recipe creation, ingredient sourcing). As a general rule, anything you expect to take one day will consume a week, and likewise for weeklong projects lasting months.

We are very fortunate to have such a strong team operating in sync and collaborating. A perfect example of 1+1=3. I can not understate how easy our team has made some foundational tasks and organization look. It is a massive undertaking stocking and setting up everything from ingredients to sanitation to storage and equipment. 

Brewery founders and entrepreneurs do an incredible job keeping a stress-free façade to the outside world. The hurdles are only exacerbated when the venture is the first-of-its-kind, trying to reinvent a stagnant, neglected landscape. The vision for Athletic Brewing, and the belief that there are tons of healthy and active beer lovers like us on the search for a delicious, refreshing non-alcoholic craft beer is a total leap of faith. And we would have ceased to exist at just that, a vision, if it weren't for a key community of believers in Athletic's future place in the world. 

For that faith, we want to thank our amazing team of Athletic Brewing investors and ambassadors. Everything we do is built on the foundation of your excitement. We are thankful for your support and daily guidance. We know we don't have all the answers, but we know where we are headed. We will always have an open ear to our team and customers for ideas on how to stay on that track.

The Athletic Brewing train left the station immediately when our team jumped aboard. Planning went into overdrive, the path was illuminated, and our goals for our impact grew with the abilities of the team. Our tasting room is bigger than our entire original brewery plan. 

This week marked a major milestone - the start of construction and the arrival of our pilot recipe system (thanks Blichmann!). Every day from here on forward will be more about our Athletic beers and less about laying the groundwork. Stay tuned!

The Athletic Brewing Team

We have significantly upgraded our team!

We are now poised to make a real difference and create a truly special brand. Joining Bill on the Athletic Brewing founding team are John Walker (Head Brewer) and an experienced operations executive. We feel it is an extremely fortuitous occurrence that our paths have crossed with a team that is not only extremely talented at brewing great beer, but is up for the creative challenges and social disruption we are setting out to achieve.


John and his family have joined us from Santa Fe where he was the Head Brewer at a great local favorite brewpub called Second Street Brewery. He absolutely loves the beer, the community, the challenges, and the science. With his award-winning talent for recipe creation, we hope John will open the doors for non-alcoholic beer to be accepted as a new complementary arm of the craft world. He would love to have you show up in person to meet once we are done with construction.

Athletic brews would never have made it to the real world without our team, and we're excited for you to meet them in person.

From Idea Fermentation to Fruition

Athletic Brewing is the first brewery fully devoted to the production of craft non-alcoholic beer in the US. We promise to use high-quality, all-natural ingredients to create great-tasting brews for our beer-loving family. We strive to create brews suitable for everyone and every occasion. No matter your motivation, if you want to keep a clear head and drink healthier, we are here for you.

The seed for Athletic Brewing was planted when founder Bill Shufelt was evaluating his life before he was about to get married. As he continued to improve his life through health and fitness, he found one area incompatible with the rest.  Alcohol-drenched nights and weekends that resulted in unproductive hangovers and unhealthy meals had no place in his demanding financial career that required 24/7 focus. So, he made the choice to cut alcohol out of his life and has never looked back.

He still enjoyed going to bars and restaurants with friends, attending sporting events, weddings, barbeques and other social events. With the non-alcoholic options limited (at best) to fit his healthy, active lifestyle, he was always at a loss for a refreshing beverage that was easy to order and carried no social stigma. Options on the market were flavorless, watery, metallic in taste and punchlines of decades-old jokes.

The void in the market was clear. He longed to enjoy refreshing craft beers. He wondered why current offerings were made with such low-quality, artificial ingredients and processes. So, he set out to fill the void. He started market research that evolved into founding Athletic Brewing to focus solely on making a whole platform of delicious, craft non-alcoholic beers for the modern beer drinker to enjoy with friends and family. That required him leaving a safe, stable job in the financial industry to fully dedicate his life to his true passion.

From the start, we plan to offer more non-alcoholic beer variety than the sector has ever known. We welcome you to come visit us at our brewery in Stratford, the first of its kind in the country, to meet our team and learn more about our mission.

We are thrilled to share this journey to find our best selves with every one of you.