Weekend Lineup Nov 9-11

Weekend Lineup!

Busy Fall weekend ahead and we’ll be all over the state.

Saturday we’ll be at @cityclimbgym City Climb Gym New Haven from 3-7 pouring, then we’ll be in Niantic with Mermaid Liquors from 7-9 on the town green for charity.

Sunday we’ll be at the finish line at the Madison Half Marathon. Come say hi and try some beers.


Tap Room: (all non-alcoholic)
Run Wild IPA
Upside Dawn Golden
Autumn Brown Ale

All in cans and on tap!

Tap Room Hours:
Fri 4-8pm
Sat 12-6pm

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October Challenge Results!

Hi Team!

Hope everyone's having a great week and congrats to all those that just completed their first #SoberOctober challenge!

It's time to crown our inaugural monthly challenge winners!

Before I get to that, I want to note that I am absolutely blown away by how active, fit, and strong our Athletic Club team is. I love seeing the stats flow through as people are getting out there crushing it every day. I'm a huge believer in self care - and starting/finishing days with workouts is a great way to clear your slate and crush the day ahead. I was under the impression I was having a nice month of workouts, fitting in about ~71.9 miles on the roads & trails, my second biggest month of the year, until......I took a look at the week 1 leaderboard. I'm totally humbled (and motivated) by how well you guys crush your workouts.

So without further ado, here's our monthly leaderboard:

Our Women's Champ for most miles:

Cara Scott! Cara covered 163 miles in October in under 29 hours, at an elevation gain of 5,900 ft! Looks like Cara covers those miles in beautiful CA. Well done!

Our Men's Leaderboard (listing 4 as they were all so impressive):

4. Rob Rives - 209 miles traveled with 51k ft of elevation gained!

3. Joe Reynolds - 224 miles in about 28 hours with over 11,400 ft of elevation gained!

2. Doug Beaulieu - 256 miles in 42 hours, including completing a 100 mile ultra marathon!

and our October champ....

1. Dan Fogg - A whopping 356 miles in about 59.5 hours with 57k ft of elevation gained (almost exactly 2 Mt. Everests!). Really wild and humbling accomplishments!

If the winners could please email me at bill@athleticbrewing.com, I would love to send you some free gear and beer!


For November, I would love to take suggestions on what our next challenge should be. I'd be open to anything from miles biked (both indoors/outdoors), any sort of time challenge, or it could be an honor system challenge (total burpees!).

Also keep an eye out for more organized local workouts that we're going to get to work on as temps start to dive.

Congrats to everyone getting out there and feeling good - have a great November,


Weekend Lineup Nov 2-4

Colder Fall temps ahead in the Northeast, and we have some great hearty beers to pair with your mountains of candy.

We’ll have our new Autumn Brown Ale on tap and in cans at the tap room this weekend with new beers coming each of the upcoming two weeks as well. Stay tuned! We’re open 4-8pm tonight and 12-6pm Saturday. Stout is OUT of supply - it’ll be back in a few weeks for it’s big launch.


Sunday we’ll be at the Vicki Soto 5k in Stratford - an incredible memorial race that we are honored to be a part of. Find more details here if you would like to join us or make a donation: http://vickisotomemorial.com/vs5k/

ON TAP & CANS: (All beers non-alcoholic)
Run Wild IPA
Upside Dawn Golden Ale
Autumn Brown Ale

Have a great weekend,

Team ABC

Weekend Lineup Oct 26-28

Ghoulicious and delicious weekend ahead at the tap room!

We’ll be having a family-oriented Halloween day all day Saturday to include pumpkin decorating, Halloween treats, raffles, and free first pint.

We’ll also have a new Fall seasonal on tap & in limited cans - Autumn Brown Ale. It’s a toasty and malt-forward seasonal perfect for the cold weather. It’s true to the English style with a satisfying heartiness.


TAP ROOM: (all non-alcoholic):
Run Wild IPA
Upside Dawn Golden Ale
Autumn Brown Ale
Halloween Punch

Fri 4-8pm
Sat 12-6pm

Weekend Lineup Oct 19-21

Happy Friday Friends - Tap room giveaway alert!

Great Fall weekend ahead in the Northeast. Tap room will be open Friday 4-8pm and Saturday 12-6pm with 4 beers available on tap and in cans. Come say hi, watch some college football, and stay warm!

Saturday, we’ll be doing a giveaway for the first 10 customers - choice of a free hat or t-shirt of your liking with the purchase of a pint or tasting flight! Cheers to the early birds grabbing beers on the go.


ON TAP: (all non-alcoholic)
Run Wild IPA
Upside Dawn Golden Ale

Run Wild IPA
Upside Dawn Golden Ale
Gose (Super limited)

Next week we’ll be launching a new tap room beer - so keep your eyes out.

Team ABC

Weekend Lineup Oct 12-14

It’s the best time of year for outdoor running and activities - and you’re in luck! We have not only the perfect beers for post-workout refreshment, but we’ll be sharing them for free all over the state this weekend. And we also have a Strava Athletic Club to help you find your inspiration (www.strava.com/clubs/Athletic). And the tap room will have 4 beers in cans ready for you to take on the road.


Please consider donating to the Light for Kara 5k this weekend. It’s an incredible cause and walk that we are proud to participate in. Contributions go directly to support Maternal Health. Donate here: https://runsignup.com/Race/Donate/CT/Norwalk/lightforkara

TAP ROOM: (All beers are craft non-alcoholic):

Run Wild IPA
Upside Dawn Golden Ale

Fri 4-8pm
Sat 12-6pm

Where Does NA CRAFT Beer Fit in Your Life?

You may see Athletic in the news or our beers on the shelves, reflect on some pre-conceived misconceptions about non-alcoholic beer and think, "that's not for me." To be honest, there is such a stigma against non-alcoholic beer in our country that not many people can imagine NA beer playing a part in their life. 

That is, until they try the new generation. 

 Refreshing at the beach, with no worries on the drive home.

Refreshing at the beach, with no worries on the drive home.

Until now in the US, non-alcoholic beer has been a total ‘penalty box’ beverage. The long-neglected afterthought of quality and marketing. Mass-produced using processes that largely involve taking a torch to the alcohol and obliterated any ingredient nuances as collateral damage.  Anyone who orders them at dinner immediately catches judging glances from their table. When you ask a member of the waitstaff for a "non-alcoholic beer", they almost never hear you the first time, so you have to announce it louder and more shamefully. That’s why people wonder how they could ever be social and fun without the alcohol.

That's all changing with the current revolution underway in craft non-alcoholic beer in the US. At Athletic, we are meticulously crafting our beers with our proprietary process to maintain the integrity of our all-natural ingredients. We use only the highest quality ingredients, sourcing all-organic grains (we're certified organic). 

In our tap room, at beer festivals, at athletic events, we see this "light bulb" moment all the time. Nearly everyone tastes their first Athletic beer and immediately "gets it." Especially beer lovers and healthy & active adults. Initially, there is a certain amount of skepticism or an intellectual curiosity that draws them over. Maybe our nice logos. Once people try our carefully crafted NA beers, they can see it. The roles the beers will play in their life are clear. They start rattling off occasions where our beers fit into their healthier, more mindful life:

-At work events to maintain professionalism
-As a pacer beer at bars and breweries
-At outdoor parks and events where drinking isn't allowed
-A beer for moderation
-When need to drive soon (especially meals with family)
-Spending time with your kids
-Pregnancy or breast-feeding
-Sporting events
-At the beach or pool
-Weeknight dinners (especially to ward off the Sunday scaries)
-Last round of the night to hydrate and wind down

And many are finding their preconceived notions about alcohol are wrong. That it's more of a hurdle to fun than an avenue. That hangovers and unhealthy eating shorten weekends significantly.    

Regardless of the occasions that you are opting for Athletic Beers, you can rest easier knowing that you're going to feel good in the morning. We're looking to give you great-tasting alternatives to fit in your modern, healthy life without having to make the sacrifices.

Weekend Lineup Oct 5-7

Beautiful Autumn weekend on deck and we’ll be out there in the world sharing our beers!
Find us either here at our tap room in Stratford, at the Mohegan Sun Beerfest, Stateline Brewski Fest in Salisbury, or the Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon Sunday in Westchester.


We couldn’t be more psyched about how much closer our beers are getting to everyone nationwide. New stores are popping up everyday, especially in Massachusetts. Any store in Massachusetts can now stock our beers, so just ask! We’re also nationwide in Total Wine as of this week. Check our storefinder (www.athleticbrewing.com/where-to-find-us/) or order online with free nationwide shipping.

store map 10.5.2018.JPG


TAPS/CANS/GROWLERS: (All non-alcoholic)
Run Wild IPA
Upside Dawn Ale
Seasonal Stout
Seasonal Gose

Fri 4-8pm
Sat 12-6pm

Athletic Brewing Club Launch

Introducing the Athletic Brewing Club!

As we enter marathon season and sober October, we’re starting monthly challenges to win beer and Athletic gear.

The Athletic Club is for athletes of all types - runners, bikers, tri gals and guys, swimmers, Cross Fitters, and HIT’ers. A place to both inspire and find inspiration.

We’ll also be hosting workouts both in person and virtually all year long. We’re aiming to be creative with these, so feel free to email us with recommendations (info@athleticbrewing.com). They’ll range from workout classes to brewery workouts to trail runs.

October’s challenge will be for the club member who runs the most miles (in a nod to marathon season), but there will be other 2nd and 3rd place prizes on different metrics to be more friendly to other sports. There will be new challenges each month.

Some recommendations:
—Check out other people’s routes in your area for inspiration.
—If you do a workout, list the details - you may motivate another member!
—Set goals and share them for accountability and motivation.

Have fun and get moving!

Weekend Lineup Sept 14-16th

Warm weather and a full slate of College & NFL football -what a great Northeast Fall weekend. We have tons of freshly canned IPA ready to pick up as well as your last chances at Gose and Stout for at least a few weeks.

We’ll also be busy pouring beer at some great events.

The Small State, Great Beer Fest is Saturday 1pm-9pm. Amazing beer from 50+ breweries and food trucks in Hartford.

Kennedy Center Food, Wine and Brewfest to benefit Autism at the Fairfield Museum.
We’ll be sampling from 6-10pm to support a great cause!

Beer Samples.JPG


BEERS: (All non-alcoholic and available on tap, in cans and growlers)
Run Wild IPA
Upside Dawn Golden Ale
Seasonal Stout
Seasonal Gose

Fri 4-8pm
Sat 12-6pm