Welcome to the Athletic community! We are an active bunch of weekend warriors, amateur athletes, professional parents, and regular folks who love Athletic Brewing. Ambassadors have earned a place on this page with their enthusiasm and dedication to the brand. Our goal is twofold: 1) To showcase those who believe in our mission at Athletic. 2) To highlight their accomplishments or just give a regular glimpse into their life.

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Billy Ross, MA

Billy fits the “bill” for an Athletic Ambassador. Loves to Mountain Bike, Cyclocross, Road Bike, Disc Golf, Indoor rock climb, Winter mountaineer, Ice climb, XC ski, and is up for any adventure with good friends and food. Loves to show people that NA craft beer can taste great, and is as enthusiastic about Athletic as anything he gets into!

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Heather Bode, CA

Heather is a self-diagnosed OCR addict. She also enjoys running, rock climbing, and currently resides in SoCal. Also happens to be a talented professional photographer that loves the great outdoors and adventure. She thinks it’s rad she can enjoy a post-workout beer without compromising her diet or training. She also cares deeply about trail & park conservation, which is why she’s all about Athletic’s mission.

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Sawyer Brown, NY

Coach, father, and OCR athlete. Not to mention survivor of ABC’s Castyaways series. Sawyer transformed his life from partying with alcohol and drugs, to getting in the best shape of his life and finding Spartan Racing/OCR. He gave up a perfectly secure job to pursue his dream, and is living the Athletic life in the best way possible.

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